This page is a work in progress.

Talents Edit

Warlocks have a lot of great talents, some of them are mandatory for top damage but many of them are more geared towards supporting the members of your party or raid. In these cases you will not be able to craft a spec that covers all of these bases so it is best to coordinate with the locks in your raid and decide who will bring which buffs/debuffs.


In general affliction specs will run something close to 42/2/17 with a 1 or 2 point variation in each tree. Let's look at a few specs and what they bring, then we will evaluate specific talents and why we might spec them or skip them.

42/2/17 - Full Suppression, Curse of Exhaustion, Malediction, Full Improved Healthstone, Full Destructive Reach

43/1/17 - Similar to above except no CoE or Malediction and instead maxes Shadow Embrace, only 1 point in Healthstones.

43/3/15 - Full support spec

Talents to consider;

  • Suppression as needed for hit cap
  • Curse of Exhaustion, great for kiting adds but useless on bosses (except vashj)
  • Malediction, You want 1 loc with this in your raid
  • Shadow Embrace, see Malediction
  • HP Stones, you can carry one of each rank so having locks that vary the points they spend here is helpful
  • Improved Imp, this is a rare pick but some guilds might want to have it depending on the amount of locks

That's mostly it.