Resto druids are strong healers who are well suited to fill tank healing roles as well as light raid damage. Down ranking Healing Touch is an important aspect of playing as Restoration. Another key aspect of Restoration is mastering your healing cool downs, Swiftmend especially has a few tricks to it and will save members of your raid time and time again.


This build hits all the important healing talents with 7 points left over. Depending on your play style or the content your clearing some of these talents may not even be that important freeing you up even more points. Unfortunately there are not that many great places to spend these points in other trees.


Feral is a pretty nice spec in Vanilla. Your job more or less is to conform to the role the raid needs you to fill, one of these roles may be respecing resto. The advantages of a Feral Druid over another warrior is added utility and increased dps. Feral druids can innervate healers, battle res, provide melee crit aura, tank and dps very well with one spec. A well played feral druid can make your raid a lot stronger, but it generally requires a more seasoned player that can make sound judgements in various high pressure situations.


This is a build I use and recommend. It hits all the necessary tanking and DPSing talents and doesn't really leave you without anything you'd like to have.